11th and 12th
Grade Students

How to Navigate the College Fair

Step 1: Register - You can only attend the Fair if you register!

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  • Click the button above

  • Select Student, Parent, & Counselor Registration

  • Fill out the registration form

  • Check your email inbox for Fair details from StriveScan

  • Keep this email, you will need it on Fair day and refer to it in the next steps


Use our Fair Day Itinerary

Step 2: Time to select your workshops

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Next, you will select the workshops you would like to attend for the two sessions. Review the list of workshops and include your choices on the Fair Day Itinerary.  It is important to know what workshops you want before you login on Fair day.


Workshops List

Use our Fair Day Itinerary


Step 3: Select the virtual college tables to visit

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Lastly, you will select the colleges you would like to visit.


Each college will have its own virtual table, you can find the link to join the session in the email you received from StiveScan.


College visits will be from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. We recommend you break this time into 8  - 15 min. Increments. 


Choose up to 8 colleges in your Fair Day Itinerary.  Juniors, consider choosing colleges that you know little about and avoid the very busy rooms early where all the “ready to push submit” seniors will be asking their questions.


Use our Fair Day Itinerary

Take the time now to continue your college journey and have fun finding your future! 

On Fair Day:

  • Use a computer or ipad. It will be challenging on a phone

  • Identify yourself by name and add your high school name; in Zoom settings click on three dots and rename yourself - retype your name add your high school after your name.

Tips - Follow these tips to leave a lasting impression.
  • Dress nice 

  • Keep your camera on

  • And, come prepared with your questions.

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