Paying for College

It is no secret that a college education can be expensive. The good news is that it does not have to be. While the price of a college education has risen as of late, students all across the country are finding ways to make their dreams a reality. The initial price may seem daunting, but a majority of students often do not pay the full cost of attendance for their school. Here we have provided resources to help answer your questions about paying for a college degree.

Resources for Paying for College: (formerly is a great starting point for anyone interested in financial support for college. 
FinAid breaks down scholarships, work-study, loans and grants and acts as an up-to-date resource for understanding all that goes into college finances.

Fastweb hosts over 1.5 million scholarships. Creating a profile helps you search for matches that best fit your needs. A great starting point for those seeking to explore the options available.

Essay contests, quizzes, and more: all to help students pay for school! Learn more about what opportunities to apply for through Niche's scholarship portal.
Another stopping point for anyone seeking funds to offset the cost of school. Includes both merit and need based financial awards meaning there is something here for everyone.
Sallie Mae provides access to not only student loans but scholarships as well. The College Planning page provides many tools including scholarships, financial aid, student borrowing, and more.
Know your way around financial aid and just looking for help planning it all out? Edvisors helps put the financial pieces together along with helpful explanations.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau hosts this tool for comprehensive coverage of all things finance. Includes not only resources for college finance but tools and plans for repayment as well.
This site not only acts as a great search tool for schools but scholarships as well. Explore to learn more about what is offered.
As the name implies, this site hosts all things scholarship. With over $19 billion in funds available, everyone should look here for support as they plan their finances for college.
Similar to other offerings here, Scholarship Monkey allows you to set up a profile for personalized results. Explore the numerous categories available in this search tool.
One great reason to use this site is connecting to over $11 billion in scholarship resources. Another great reason would be using their calculator which provides odds to being accepted into a university before even applying; a helpful fact to know when searching schools.

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