STUDENT Registration

The 2020 Colorado Western Slope College Fair will be on Sunday, October 11th, 2020.


All are welcome to attend!

Registration will open Summer 2020. 

You'll register for a barcode when we get closer to the Fair. Show your barcode to colleges who will scan it to send you more information about their schools. The day after the fair, you will receive a report with information about each college with whom you scanned.


All Students are welcome. Although registrations will be available upon arrival at the College Fair, we strongly encourage students to register in advance on our website. This facilitates a quick and easy check-in process and permit quicker access to the Fair and Workshops.

Here's how you attend the College Fair: 

1. Register here!

2. View the list of colleges and universities that are attending. Select five that you would like to further investigate and visit with at the College Fair. Do your research!

3. Review the Workshop Schedule on the College Fair website and plan out your day. Pick one workshop to attend for each session.  

4. Make transportation arrangements for the Fair . Check with your school to see if they are sending a bus. 


5. "Business Casual" is the most appropriate way to dress to meet with college admissions officers. Have fun meeting your future! 

WHO: You and your family!

WHAT: The Colorado Western Slope                 College Fair

WHEN: Sunday, October 11, 2020 |                    10AM - 2PM

WHERE: Aspen School District | 235                  High School Rd, Aspen, CO                  81611

WHY: A once a year chance to meet               Admissions Officers from over             250 colleges and Universities.               No college bound student                     should miss it!