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Exceptional Students Seminar
Transitional Programs and Learning Supports in College

Schedule of Seminar

Kelly Doherty, Director, College Outreach: Introduce College Outreach and Seminar 

Tara Valentino, Exceptional Student Services Teacher and Gifted Talented Coordinator:
Opening and Introductions of Panelists

Bob Barrows, Transition Consultant with the Colorado Department of Education 

Shayna Laing, Inclusive Higher Ed, Community Engagement Manager
Liza Bakken, Parent of a special needs high school student

Frost Forrester, Department of Vocational Resources (DVR), Rehabilitation Counselor
Kaleb Cook, Cook Inclusive Company, Executive Director
Sara Sims, Mountain Valley Development Services (MVDS), Executive Director
Stephanie Martin, College Living Experience, President

Q & A

Exceptional Students Post Secondary Resources

Special Needs Teachers & Administrators

High School Counselors

Students and Families

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