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What to Study

Choosing a major in college is a big decision. It impacts your college search, the classes you take, and the careers you pursue after graduation. If this seems like a tough choice, know that you are not alone. Many students may change their major or come into school undecided choosing to explore their academic options. Given how important this choice is, we have provided some resources to help you decide what path to take during your college studies. 

Included on this page:

  • Comprehensive video on the field of Digital Media, Art, and Design

  • Comprehensive video surrounding technical colleges

  • Comprehensive video on attending community college

  • Comprehensive video detailing military and service academics 

Want to pursue opportunities for art/design majors? Video is ~48 mins in length.

Want to pursue opportunities in a technical school? Listen to our discussion on the subject to learn more about what opportunities lie ahead. Video is ~30 mins in length.

Want to pursue opportunities at a community college?

Video is ~ 30 minutes in length.

Want to pursue the Military?  (Video is ~55 minutes in length.) 

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