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Which College?

The thought of choosing a college with so many choices at times is overwhelming. Liberal arts schools, private or public, in-state versus out-of-state, technical colleges: the list goes on and on. By starting here, you can start to assemble a list of the schools you wish to learn more about. These resources will help with not only selecting schools but also deciding the "fit" factor as well.

The College Board, the same organization to sponsor the SAT, PSAT, and AP tests, offers a comprehensive list for families exploring colleges. A great option for students wishing to compare two or more schools and search for specific majors/degrees.

Sponsored by the US Department of Education, the College Scorecard is a great place to capture a snapshot of any school. Offers basic information at a glance with further resources for those wanting to learn more.

A college ranking for students seeking to see how colleges across the nation compare to one another. The useful My Fit tool also helps students filter colleges based on their personal preferences; a must-stop in the college search process!

Similar to US News Best Colleges, an extensive and detailed ranking of colleges across the country. Comprehensive profiles for each school are included as well.

Looking for a paperback version of a complete resource? Look no further than the Fiske College Guide: a yearly guide containing encyclopedic knowledge of any school a student may want.

Listen as college admission professionals discuss the application process to highly selective institutions at this year's fair. (Video is ~45 minutes in length.) 

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