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Navigating standardized testing for college admissions has never been easy. But never has it been as difficult as it is right now since the pandemic. The same questions remain: which tests do I take and when do I take them, how should I prepare, and which scores do I submit? But as more schools move to test-optional admissions because of the pandemic, new questions arise as well. Should I submit scores even if schools are test-optional? Will schools be test-optional next year as well? This seminar is designed to help you navigate these questions. 

Included on this page:

  • Comprehensive video (~43 mins) on standardized testing

  • Online testing information and resources

John Haskell, a testing tutor, discusses the importance of testing in college applications. Video is ~47 mins in length.

Update: The College Board has discontinued offering SAT subject testing along with the optional essay component. Explore their web resources for further details.

Additional Testing Resources:
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