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How a student spends their time outside of the classroom can be just as important as what they do inside the classroom. Extracurricular involvement is not just a way for admission officers to see how you spend your time, but also a crucial opportunity for students to develop skills and experiences they could not otherwise learn in the classroom. Use our resources here to learn how best to use your time outside the classroom.

Looking to get involved? This is a great resource for any student, especially 9th and 10th graders looking to explore opportunities. Read to learn more about the many options you have for activities at your school or ways to participate in local or national organizations. You can never get involved too early!

There is no formula or "secret recipe" for student extracurricular involvement. Students' interests vary widely and admission committees see many different ways students spend their time. Read to learn more about how best to use your time outside the classroom.

With so many parts to a college application, it gets to be confusing as the pieces all fall together. A student's involvement helps that student stand out as it shows what a student does when they are not in class. Read to learn more about how a school reviews a student's activities.

Ever wonder what college admission staff are considering when they review a student's application? While a student should choose their activities based on their interests, it does not hurt to understand the perspective of schools. Read to learn more about what goes into that decision.

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