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Choosing a college, applying to college, getting to college, going to college... COLLEGE. We know it can all be daunting.  If you're a student, a parent, or especially a high school counselor, we're here to help.

This page is designed to help you navigate all stages of college planning from searching for, acceptance to and attending a college.

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The First Step

Deciding what to do after high school graduation can be overwhelming. Start here to explore options and choose a path that will lead to success.
Types of Degrees
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Preparing for the Journey

Preparing for college is what high school is all about. Find guidance here on choosing classes, experiences that colleges look for, and overcoming obstacles that stand in your way.
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Choosing Your Route

Now it's the fun part. Picking a college and a major! Review video introductions and requirements for admission for hundreds of colleges. Plus tips on staying involved and living on your own.
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Applications and Paying for college can be confusing. Choose a topic for a quick explanation and links to more resources, then click on "Waiting for Acceptance" for some fun ways to take your mind off of college for a bit.
Waiting for Acceptance
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Your letter has arrived! We hope you got into your first choice, but if you didn't that's ok. Only 58% of students attend their first choice of college. Find more information here about what other factors can affect which college you choose to attend and what you need to do before your first day.
Acceptance Letters
Student Portals
Comparing Financial Aid

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