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Gap Year

While many students choose to enter college in the fall after they graduate high school, other options exist for students seeking an alternative. If a student desires a different experience before they start college, a gap year becomes a great opportunity. Explore our resources here to learn more about what options lie within a gap year.

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Pacific Discovery is an accredited gap year provider offering Gap semester programs abroad since 2001. Programs are overland journeys that focus on six core components: educational travel, service learning, cultural and language immersion, sustainable adventure travel, outdoors and wilderness exploration, personal and leadership development.

Students challenge themselves in a supportive small group environment, developing empathy for other cultures; furthering understanding of international issues; heightening appreciation for the earth’s wild places; deepening global perspectives; and discovering their own passion and purpose.

By giving students responsibilities and freedom within the framework and safety of a well-designed and carefully managed program, they are supported and empowered, helping them become more capable and self-reliant. These programs are pivotal experiences in our participants' lives.

Pacific Discovery has undergone and maintained comprehensive accreditations with the Gap Year Association (USA), Year Out Group (UK), and OutdoorsMark (NZ), and is a member of The Forum on Education Abroad (USA).

  • Considering a Gap Year, but not sure where to start. Check out the Gap Year Planning section of their website here

  • This Gap Year Guide also includes information about the benefits, a step-by-step guide, ideal timeline, tips for going back to college after a gap year, and much more. 

Interested in finding out more about Pacific Discovery? Click here.

How should you spend a Gap Year? Listen to our conversation on the subject to learn if a gap year is a right choice for you. Video is ~45 minutes in length.

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