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Navigating Learning Differences in College

The academic pace of colleges and universities is quite the change from that of high school. While some students may feel they are prepared for this change, how can we best support students who may not feel the same? Especially for students with learning differences and specific support needs, the time spent exploring academic support resources in the college search process is crucial. Here we have collected resources for those students and families exploring colleges with specific academic needs in mind. 

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Collegiate Coaching Services offers the following:

College Preparatory Programs

Executive Function Coaching

Psychoeducational Assessments

Therapeutic Coaching

  • Collegiate Coaching Services' coaches hold master’s degrees in education, clinical psychology, counseling, and marriage & family therapy or other related degrees.

  • Collegiate Coaching Services specializes in executive functioning coaching for college students, high school students, and young adults.

  • Collegiate Coaching Services excels at helping clients with conditions like ADHD, Autism, and Specific Learning Differences, to achieve academic, work-place, and life management success.

  • Collegiate Coaching Services is a highly qualified and seasoned provider of neuropsychological & psychoeducational evaluations.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing therapeutic recreation and employment services to the Roaring Fork Valley disability, Deaf+, queer, and neurodivergent communities. 

PeAk Futures program, a new program in ASD’s Student Services that serves students with disabilities, will begin working in Ski Co.’s Food & Beverage program in two resorts this season.PeAk Futures was launched last school year at ASD for young adults with disabilities who have completed core high school requirements through an individualized approach. The goal of the extended school program is to prepare and help young adults maximize their independence in their adult lives, including employment.

Best Colleges provides many resources on choosing the right college for each student. Here you will find a College Guide for Students with Disabilities that covers everything from legal information to selecting a college that provides the resources needed. 

College Resources for Students with Disabilities The Ultimate Guide -  This site lists out different disabilities along with things to keep in mind when looking for a college - questions to ask and campus specifics to keep in mind like how classrooms are set up. There is a list of the 50 Best Disability-Friendly Colleges and Universities. 

While this site mainly focuses on taking college admissions tests, their Expert Guide for Students with Disabilities to Succeed in College page is a terrific resource not only for test-taking skills but also skills for succeeding once at college. They also have a breakdown of different disabilities and corresponding tools available to students along with plans on how to transition successfully from high school to college. 

Learn how institutions support student success through academic and social/emotional resources and how/why students can advocate for themselves. Video is 45 mins long. 

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