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Each year at the Counselor Colloquium admissions representatives from colleges and universities present workshops for high school counselors.


Opening Remarks: How to Provide College Counseling When Your job Requires So Much More

9:00 - 9:45 Session 1

Yes, You Can Discuss and Improve a College's Financial Aid Package: Strategies and Tips

9:55 - 10:40 Session 2

Behind the Scenes: How Colleges Make Admissions Decisions in 2023 and Test Optional: Myths and Strategies in 2023

10:50 - 11:35 Session 3

The Waiting Game: How to Advocate for Students Deferred or Waitlisted


Career and Technical Programs are College Too - Ideas for Bringing Students to the Table

Q&A - Ask College Admissions Officers Anything, How to Create an Effective School Profile - Learn What Colleges Want to See, Letters of Recommendation: How to Advise Your Teachers to Advocate Better for Students

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