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COLLEGE Admission Officers

What are some ways we help admissions officers connect with students from the Western Slope? 

  • Virtual Outreach: We now offer a variety of virtual seminars to students and families that college admissions officers are invited to attend as panelists. 

  • The Colorado Western Slope College Fair: Our rural Colorado students, families, and counselors look forward to meeting you in person and connecting with your college.  Don’t miss this opportunity to present your college to our community with an in-person visit where you can reach all 82 Western Slope high schools spread across a region the size of the State of Pennsylvania in one place on one day.

    • ​Host a table in the College Fair Tent

    • Present at one of the college planning workshops​

  • Year-long outreach to Western Slope High Schools: College Outreach collaborates with Western Slope high schools by offering workshops through our organization, college preparation resources, and guidance to their students. We invite college admissions officers to participate in these events and contribute to these resources as well. 

  • Local Community Engagement: College Outreach also offers virtual seminars that will help college admissions officers establish connections with local community organizations.

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