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2023 Summer Opportunities Seminar

Join College Outreach for this free VIRTUAL event on February 1 OR February 2, 2023

Check back soon for the virtual event link.

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Who: 8th-11th grade students, parents, and counselors

What: Learn the FACTS to enhance the high school summer experience

Where: Virtual

When: Wednesday, February 1st OR Thursday, February 2nd , 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Why: Hear college admissions officers and other experts share their advice on how students can plan their summers.


Fun - Relax, spend time with family and friends, read, exercise, and explore!


Academics & Activities - • Learn a new subject, learn more about a subject you love, or take a class to fill in a gap

• Learn a new sport or improve your skills.

• Join a music group, take an art, dance, or theatre class.

• Learn more about the hundreds of academic and other summer programs, both online and in-person, that are available on college campuses in Colorado, around the country, and internationally and understand how these fit in with a well-rounded summer. Many are free or offer scholarships.


Career - See how a part-time summer job or internship can help you learn new skills and learn more about yourself!


Travel - Visit your grandparents, attend a program on a college campus, go beyond your comfort zone!


Service - Give back, there are 500+ nonprofits in the Western Slope of Colorado, many in your backyard, see how you can help others!


Summer is over 10 weeks long. What are you going to do? 

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