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Finding youR fit

As students begin to consider and apply to colleges, admission offices across the country use the term"fit" as a factor for applying to an institution. Fit, unlike location or available majors, is a more subjective piece to the college search puzzle. Before we begin to understand the way we fit with a college, we must first understand ourselves.

What kind of student are you?

Understanding your strengths and interests is a helpful tool as you plan life after high school. What subjects should I study? Do I work best with people, projects, or ideas? 
This test will: 
  • inform you as you consider which major to select
  • guide you to involvements that best match your interests
  • help decide your ideal college environment 
  • take no longer than 5 minutes to complete
Be sure to explore the "Career Paths" tab after you complete the test, enjoy!
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