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As a student, you are part of your school community. You are also part of your local, state, national, and global community. Your academic and extracurricular work extends beyond you and can touch many others.  


As a global citizen, consider:

  • High School Opportunities:

    • Academics - Learn about other cultures and languages in your high school studies.  

    • School Clubs - Join a club to start learning more about your high school community or consider starting a club based on your passions to share with your fellow students! Click here to learn more about the importance of extracurriculars. 

    • Volunteer - Take a look at organizations at your high school or local community and see where you can help! Learn how you can make a difference in your own backyard! Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities.

    • Internship/Job - Summer is a great time to explore an internship or a job at a local business to learn more about a new industry.  Click here to learn about internships and jobs. 

  • College Opportunities: 

    • Colleges - When researching colleges, explore the many clubs and other extracurricular activities available to you. Visit any college’s website to see a listing of these opportunities.  Visit a college campus in person and take a tour to learn more!

    • Study Abroad or Attend an International University - In college consider studying abroad for a semester or summer at college or even attending college at a foreign university. Click here to learn more about studying abroad. 

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